Resurrection Church Vision

by Pastor Jason Smith on April 29, 2024

We submit ourselves to the authority of God by being a church grounded in scripture and founded in the Wesleyan Tradition.  We believe there are traditional and non-traditional families missing out on this incredible journey of faith offered by Jesus Christ.  As members of Christ’s holy church, we feel called to reach these families and train the next generations in righteousness for the glory of God.  (2 Timothy 3:16) 

We envision a church that reaches beyond its own walls to meet people where they are and invite them into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We will partner with parents and families to build faith filled homes and equip them for the future.  As a church known for its deep connection to the Katy area, we are poised to make an impact in the community we live in and beyond.  We are called to reach the Least, the Last and the Lost to bring hope to lives that have been abandoned by the world.  Matthew 18: 10-14.

We succeed when we see families of all generations worshipping together in spirit and truth by following God’s vision for our church.  We will see parents teaching and leading their families into eternal relationships with Our Lord.  We will see lives in the Katy area and beyond resurrected in the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  We will see a church that Honors God, Develops Disciples, Worships Passionately, Loves Extravagantly and Witnesses Boldly.

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