Resurrection Church provide support and assistance to people in need, offering help in the form of education, medical care, family relationships, survivors of human trafficking and more..

Katy Missions Volunteer Impact FORM

Prepared by: Shelley Eastland. Email:

Resurrection Church is committed to serving the least, the last and the lost.  To that end, we have selected several missions partners that we encourage you to connect with, but if you support a ministry cause that is not an established RCK partner, we still want to know how you have served.  Please use this form to share how you serve our community as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.  Thank you, Your Missions Team

How you have served?


[2024] Prepared by: Shelley Eastland. Email:

Our commitment to making a positive impact remains strong, and we look forward to the continued support of our community. Thank you to all who have contributed to our success.

Latest Missions Impact Report


The Landing - Houston

The Landing is a faith based anti-trafficking organization located in Houston, Tx. Walking alongside survivors of human trafficking.

Rescue America

Sex trafficking is one of the top three criminal industries in the world, generating nearly $100 billion of annual illegal profits worldwide. Our research shows that there are more sex trafficking points of sale than there are Starbucks in America. This makes for a very large, complex problem. We're immensely grateful for the support offered by Rescue America, enabling us to schedule our gatherings on the 2nd Wednesday of this month. This consistent meeting time will allow us to collaborate, strategize, and strengthen our efforts in the fight against trafficking.

How You Can Help? Your involvement is crucial! If you're passionate about this cause and willing to contribute, please join us at these meetings. For inquiries or to participate, kindly contact Shelley Eastland at .

Katy Christian Ministries

KCM provides light to those in darkness by helping restore broken lives through Christ centered programs that offer individuals clarity, dignity, purpose, and hope.

School-Community Partnerships

In a fast-growing district like Katy, it's a challenge to keep everyone in our big family connected. Our Partnership Schools program is an opportunity to do just that - to create a partnership with Hutsell Elementary and that share common values and goals.

Global Methodist Church

The Global Methodist Church is a Methodist denomination of Protestant Christianity subscribing to views consistent with the conservative Confessing Movement. The denomination is headquartered in the United States and has a presence internationally.