Rescue, Revive, Empower

by Shelley Eastland on June 11, 2024

Sex trafficking is a horrific crime that doesn’t discriminate based upon age, gender, or race. Many don’t realize sex trafficking is happening right here in America - to our citizens!

In 2014 the vision of Rescue America was born. It developed from a single seed planted by God into the heart of our Founder and President, Allison Meier Madrigal. Since then, it has bloomed into a vibrant national organization that exists to rescue, revive and empower the sexually exploited through our 24/7 Rescue hotline and emergency response.

Our Process:
Rescue - Through direct outreach and our 24/7 Rescue hotline, we connect with survivors ready to exit the life and help facilitate their safe exit alongside trained professionals.

Revive - Upon exit, survivors are transported to a safe location where their most pressing and practical needs are the first priority: food, water, sleep, and safe keeping.
Empower - Based on individual assessments, survivors then find stabilization by working with professional support who help address their mental, emotional, and spiritual needs, for long term placement in partner homes across the US.

Rescues are taking place across the nation through the work of Rescue America. Every time you volunteer at your Outreach Hub, you take our hand and join the fight. You become part of the redemptive solution for the sexually exploited across America!

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